Advantages of renting clothes

                If you are a fashion forward person, you might definitely face issues of small closet spaces, extravagant outfits that you never wear, fear of repetition, unsustainable wardrobes, overspending on clothes, guilt for trying new fashion and so much more. Though being a fashionista could get you more credits, these are few of the disadvantages that one can face. Not only fashionistas, every person who wants to look their best on certain occasions go on a shopping spree, looking for the outfits that look the best on them. They spend a lot of money on a dress that they know they’ll wear only once or if they repeat, twice.  So, here is your solution. Renting clothes is the biggest thing in fashion right now. I’ ll list out the crazy advantages one has by renting clothes and you can figure it out for yourself!

  • Closet space:
  •            One can always wish for more clothes. There is no stopping that. But everytime you buy something that you won't be using on a regular basis, it gets piled up in your closets for the worse. This might end up damaging the outfit for the worse. They might get worn out in the foldings and mainly, they might not fit you again. I can vouch that I have lehengas that I bought when I was 13 years old and they are still sleeping on the top shelf of my wardrobe. I have worn it thrice and that's the end of it. They no longer fit me. 

          Renting clothes lets you save up on a lot of space. You will have the extravagant outfit that you need, on the day you need it on and also, you wouldn't be spending much. You need not worry about wearing it again. You need not worry about whether or not it will fit you in another 5 years. Because the next time you need some out of the box outfit, you can rent all over again. 

  • Save on expenses:
  •           If you are buying clothes for a particular event, it goes without saying that you might have other expenses knocking on the door. It might have to relate to the outfit or the event that you have to be present for. Your expenses might include gifts, jewellery, shoes, bags etc,. When  you buy clothes, you buy them with no assurance that you ‘ll wear them again at any time in your life. For example, you are going to attend an Indian wedding and as we all know, Indian weddings are known for their lavish attires. You might never wear them again but you will end up spending a lump sum on them . 

           Think of renting them instead. What do you see? You can get the clothes at an affordable price. You can rock the party with your brand new outfit and have no fear of ever having to repeat it again. You can try out styles you like that are so expensive to buy. You can completely experiment with no guilt of over spending. And the best part is that once you are done showing off once, you need not wear it again. You can just pack it up neat and give them back. 

  • Repeating outfits:
  •            When you buy clothes for an Indian wedding, you are spending a profit of money on clothes that you might never wear again. Once that wedding is over, you might neatly fold those clothes up and put them on the top shelves along with the clothes that you never use again. But sooner or later, there is going to be another wedding or any occasion for that matter. You might be forced to repeat the outfit you wore to a previous wedding because those outfits can only be used on occasions like these. Later on, when you look at photo albums of the ceremonies, you might find yourself dressed up in the same clothes, which we do not like in general.

              Renting clothes is your way of making sure that you show up in different fashion statements to every occasion. You can rent any style that you want to try. You can get clothes based on what you like and not on the price tags. You can rent literally anything that you need. You can rent lehengas, sarees, suits and so much more. There are a multitude of brands that let you rent fashion. You get to choose what you like and be the showstopper that you are!

  • Try on new brands:
  •         As mentioned earlier, renting clothes is your way of being able to experiment with fashion. There are brands out there with such beautifully designed outfits but are just way too expensive on the pocket. Renting allows you to try on exactly what you want. You can rent from brands that you want. Also, you will get all of them in the price range that you are looking forward to. This really helps you in understanding what style you need, what patterns suit you the best and also what brands that you would like to try on. So, this is your call to rent outfits and be the new trend setter.

  • Size ranges:
  •         When you are a curvy girl looking for an amazing outfit, you usually are running out of sizing options. The stores don't run higher sizes in such excessive outfits. You might have to alter them to your sizing needs, and also lose confidence in the process. You need not worry about that now.

              Renting fashion always has its upsides. You can find your sizes as they are usually made to order. You can find styles that fit you the best and make you feel the most comfortable. You get to rent what you want in the size you want. It can boost up your confidence as merely none of them in the event would have an attire like yours. You can feel beautiful and gorgeous with these rental clothes that fit you like a glove.

  • You always have something to wear:
  •            You might be one of the people who have a closet full of clothes and yet complain that they have nothing to wear. This is because they might have worn every outfit they have a multitude of times and they don't want to be seen wearing them all over again. 

             There is no need to worry about that ever again. When you rent clothes, you will always have something to wear. Rental clothes are like an ocean of choices. It is never ending and you can scroll to the ends of the earth to find the dress that you need. You have so many options to choose from and you will probably be confused with which one to go for. There is always something for you to try on and slayyy!

  • It’s a lot of fun! :
  •      Renting clothes can lead you to a new world of fashion. You get to pick and choose. You get to try on with no guilt. You get to refresh your fashion based on seasons. You get to wear designer clothes for a whole lot less money. Yes! You heard me right. Rental fashion is not just someone giving away old clothes for rent. All rental clothing are designer outfits that you get to wear, made to order in your size. As mentioned above,you can play with fashion, work with many brands, avoid cluttered closets and the best part, you will always have something new to wear. There is no thought of running out of options. Renting fashion is the new trend. You can become an influencer posting about different brands when you rent them. You can be an internet sensation with all the designer clothes that you will be wearing. It can very well turn into a career. Renting fashion is the new normal!

  • Enter into sustainable fashion:
  •            As we all know, humans are tearing this world apart. We have found materials that cannot decompose, we have littered on literally every dimension on earth there is. The oceans, the lands, even the atmosphere. An average consumer throws away 31.75 kilograms of clothing per year. Globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year out of which 95% could be reused or recycled. 

            Renting fashion instead of buying them could reduce this amount of textile waste to 50%. It is definitely something we should think about. If we dump textile waste at this rate, there might not be a world to live up your fashion dreams. 

               I guess you can now figure out how renting fashion could change the world for the better. Actors and actresses all rent clothes for huge events and award shows. They are all designer outfits made for them for a specific cost which is very much lower that what it would cost them to buy the attire. You can be a fashion blogger, or a fashion influencer who tries on clothes from different brands and reviews them. You can work with brands and also have a good following for your content. You will never be seen wearing the same outfit again and again. You can completely tear down fashion standards and set new statements. Rental fashion is your way of making a statement. You can save your pockets, show up in amazing outfits, rock the stage and do all of it again with no guilt. Check out rental fashion. Check out FuzeRentals. As I said earlier, it is one of the many oceans of rentals that you get to choose from. 

    • Chinthana Venkatesh

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