How it Works?
List Item

List an item in under three minutes on our platform. You have full flexibility on pricing and rental periods. You can also choose whether the items are customizable and whether you are willing to sell the item after renting.

Accepting Rental Orders
When a user submits a request to rent your item, look out for an e-mail notification from us prompting you to accept or cancel the rental request. Once accepted, please use the chat function to arrange when to drop off the item.
Delivering the Item

If using Penguin PickUp, we recommend you fold the item neatly and place in a carrier or dress bag or box to drop off at the selected Penguin PickUp location. Please note that grocery/plastic bag will not be accepted.

Print the Fuze Rentals label here and write down and place on the package

  • The full name of the Renter .
  • The Renter e-mail address.
  • The Penguin Pick-up Location address.
Renter personal details can be found in Active Deals
Picking up the Returned Item
Arrange with the Renter by chat when to pick-up the item upon return. E-mail us if you have any problems at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Search our Marketplace
Snap a picture of your dream outfit or browse through our collection of hundreds of designer and ethnic wear items. Either way, we will find what you are looking for.
Rent the item
Select your outfit, the number of days you wish to rent for, and then select the delivery option that suits you best.
Donate to our Charity Partners
Fuze is all about making a real difference. With every rental transaction, $1 of the rental proceeds goes towards planting one tree through our charity partner, OneTreePlanted.
Sit back and relax… The Lister will confirm the rental
The lister is required to accept the rental request to ensure they can lend the item for the time period. This should not take longer than a couple of days, and you'll be notified by e-mail when this has been completed.
Return, Rate, Refer, Repeat!

After your event is over, chat with the Lender to arrange when to drop off the rental or purchase the item if this option is available.

Please return the item in the same bag/packaging provided by the Lender. Grocery/plastic bags will unfortunately not be accepted.

To return the item via Penguin PickUp please print out our Fuze Rentals label here and write down and place on the package:

  • The full name of the Lister.
  • The e-mail address of the Lister.
  • The Penguin Pick-up Location address.
Dry-Cleaning, Alteration & Late Fees

As the Renter you do not have to undertake any dry-cleaning however please return any altered items in its original condition to avoid additional charges. Please return the rented item within two days from the end of your rental period to avoid any late fees.