Our Story

Fuze is more than just a clothing company. Fuze is a revolutionary fashion solution with unique advantages for the stylish and the thrifty.

We want to change the way the world engages with fashion itself. We want to start conversations about how our wardrobes impact the world we live in. And we want to do that while supporting the boundless opportunities for self-expression that fashion provides.

Our Story

The idea of Fuze came about in Singapore, in 2019. We were living in the city for business and wanted to participate in the local festivities during the Hari Raya, a great Muslim festival shortly before Ramadan.

We searched in stores and online to find traditional Malay attire for the festival, though we were disappointed with the high price points of the authentic clothing. Still, we paid a hefty sum, wore the outfits once, and shoved them into a closet, forgotten forever.

This all-too-common fashion frustration was soon to become a source of inspiration. We knew that there had to be a better solution and so, Fuze was born!

Fuze is an online marketplace, where listers post items in their closet and renters can find the items they need at affordable prices. It’s a total win-win solution!

How We Give Back

At Fuze, we believe that business is fair when everybody wins. That’s why every single transaction you make here at Fuze generates a donation of up to $10 to charity.

Every bridalwear outfit rented through our marketplace generates a $10 donation to your selection from our charitable partners. Every other type of clothing will generate a $1 donation.

Looking to maintain the utmost transparency, Fuze also provides regular updates on the impact your donations have.

One Tree Planted

$1 = One Tree planted to re-greenify our planet.

Our Community of users will get the opportunity to vote for our official charity partner every 6 months. For full transparency, Fuze also provides regular updates on the impact your donations have.

Proud Pioneers of the Rental Revolution

We are fighting an uphill battle. The rise of fast fashion and the purchasing of disposable clothing are taking their toll on our environment.

We want to redefine the way you interact with clothing. We seek to make a better world, where expressing your unique self doesn’t take its toll on the earth.

Sizeable Savings

How often have you spent real money on a beautiful piece of clothing and ended up wearing it just once? Can you imagine how much more money you’d have if you’d only spent a fraction of the price each time?

Clothing rentals can be up to 90% less expensive than owning. That’s why Fuze lets you list your own wardrobe and turn those jackets and dresses into money in the bank.

With Fuze, you can improve your financial situation, the environment around you, and the way you look!

Sustainable Sourcing

By renting clothes and listing your own clothes for rental, you're helping to contribute to a sustainably sourced clothing industry. That means you’re helping to avoid over 9.5 million metric tonnes of clothes ending up in landfills, every single year!

Landfill growth is a major driver of the destruction of natural habitats that devastates the environment. By renting your clothes, you reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70%!

Sweet Styles

The variety and affordability available at Fuze provides you with an incredible selection of designer clothes at bargain prices.

So, if you want to sport the most stylish looks without running up your credit card, you’ve come to the right place!

In-Fuze Your Life
Life with Fuze means looking your best while supporting a more sustainable fashion industry.
  • Freedom

    Using communities to empower you to wear what you want, when you want.

  • Self-expression

    Letting you realize your truest self. whatever that means for you.

  • Sustainability

    Building a brighter and greener future through sustainable and fair practices.