Frequently Asked Questions

No, we make sure you can still rent or list items from any location and via any device! That’s why we built the Fuze mobile app, which can be downloaded onto both Android and iOS devices.

We are only operating in Toronto currently, but we have exciting plans to expand this service. Watch this space!

Escrow is a financially secure service that ensures the safety and security of transactions between Renters and Listers by protecting the money paid during the rental process. It is a form of security deposit where 80% of the retail value of the item will be held securely until the item is safely returned to the Lister.

For example, if a dress has a retail value of $400, then $380 will be held in Escrow as a security deposit. This money does not leave the Renter’s account and is lifted once the item is successfully returned.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a delivery option for items rented at Fuze. There are two options for Listers and Renters to exchange items:
1.PenguinPickUp has retail locations across Canada that allow our users to drop-off and pick-up items. To learn more please see the designated Renter & Lister sections below. 
2. Meet up: Listers and Renters are able to meet-up face to face in a public location to exchange items.

Renters select their pick-up option on the Product Detail Page.

Any disputes over the arrival, condition or the return of the rented item will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail to raise a dispute. We offer free accidental damage insurance for every item covering minor incidents, such as small rips and tears to the item. Major damage to the item may result in the Renter reimbursing the Lister for the full retail value of the item. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

We recommend that you upload a sharp and clear cover photo of your listing. This could include yourself or a friend wearing the item. Multiple photos of the item are recommended, including a close-up photo in order to see the design clearly.

Fuze only accepts items that have a retail value over C$250. We do not recommend any high street labels, unless it was an exclusive collaboration e.g. H&M x Isabel Marrant).

Fuze takes a flat 20% service fee on all items transacted.

Congratulations! Someone has asked to rent one of your items, and you will now receive an email and notification from Fuze Rentals. If you would like to accept the order, please click ‘Accept’ on the ‘My Rental Store’ page. From here, you can send a message and communicate directly with the Renter to agree an appropriate date and time for the items to be collected.

Please place the item neatly into a box/bag (No plastic/grocery bags allowed) and print out the Fuze Rentals label here

On the label please include:

1. The full name of the Renter

2. The e-mail address of the Renter

3. The Penguin PickUp location

Renter details can be found in the Active deals section in your account.

Yes. As the lister of item you are required to complete the dry-cleaning. This is paid for by the Renter in the rental price.

We kindly ask that you neatly place the item into a bag or leave the garment on a hanger and place it in a specific clothes bag. The renter is then required to return the item in the same condition as it was received.

As a lister, you will receive 80% of the total rental income. Fuze will charge a 20% service fee from all items transacted on the platform.

You will receive your rental income as soon as the renter has collected the item. If the renter returns the item within 3 hours, then a refund will be administered.

Any minor damage to the item will be covered by our insurance partners. In the unlikely event that the item is not returned or shows signs of major damage, then the renter will be responsible to pay for the total retail value of the item. In this case, the full value will be sent to you automatically and the Escrow will not be released back to the renter.

We take pride in being an affordable online rental platform, which is why 7-day rentals are priced at only 10% of the current retail value of the item. In addition, as a renter, there will be no charge to you for using the Fuze rental platform. That’s right, it’s absolutely FREE!

At Fuze we want to be a rental marketplace that makes a difference. That is why we have teamed up with OneTreePlanted to donate $1 dollar of every rental towards planting one tree. We will keep you updated via e-mail to track your individual and our whole communities’ impact on planting trees across the world!

If your rental item does not fit or is not of the quality that would reasonably be expected of the item, we are really sorry for this! Please notify us within 3 hours of receiving the item, by sending an email to to receive a refund. 

You can use our International Size Guideline to check the size you need. Custom tailoring is also an option for some items on our website, please check the Product Detail page.

Please check the search result on whether or not the item is available for alteration. If the item is altered, please return in its original condition. Failure to do so may result in additional charges being added.

The Lister is advised to package the items carefully in a reusable bag. Should the item arrive slightly creased, we advise you to lightly steam the item on a low heat or to hang the item in a steamy bathroom whilst showering, in order to remove any creases.

Once you have submitted your order, the lister will confirm the rental order and you will be notified via e-mail when this has been completed. Don’t worry, your payment will not be processed until you have received the item

Please give the lister a maximum of three days to confirm your order. If your order has still not been confirmed by this time, please send an email to and we will contact you with further details

Please return the item in a responsible manner. We recommend neatly folding the clothes into a bag, or using the clothes bag provided by the Lister.

Please arrange an appropriate time with the lister to collect the item at the selected Penguin Pick-up location.  PenguinPickUp will then notify you via e-mail when the item has arrived at your chosen location and is ready for you to collect it. 

By using the chat function on the Fuze online platform, please arrange an appropriate time with the lister to return the item back to your chosen PenguinPickUp location. When you arrive at your Penguin Pick-Up location, you will need to state:
1. That you are a Fuze Rentals customer
2. The name of the Lister

3. The email address of the Liste


The Lister’s name and email address can be found in the ‘My Orders’ section of your online account.

We understand that mistakes can happen, so minor damage to clothes will be covered by our insurance partners. ‘Minor damage’ is specified in our Terms and Conditions. If the damage is beyond normal wear and tear then the renter is liable to pay back in full the retail value of the item.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

No. The Renter pays for the dry-cleaning which is included in the Rental charge and the Lister carries out the dry-cleaning once the item is returned.

After the rental period is complete, we offer a two-day grace period before late fees apply at $10 per day until the item is safely returned to the Lister.

Some items may be available for purchase, but this is always at the Listers’ discretion. To find out whether the item is available for purchase, use the drop-down option on the ‘Product Detail’ page.