Tips to select the best lehenga

 Lehengas are India’s three-piece show stoppers. A lehenga symbolises celebration and at its utmost, musters up significant beauty. You might be picking up a lehenga for a wedding, or any other celebration. While choosing your lehenga, you need to have certain important points on your mind. It is a planning that requires time and consideration. It might be one of your most important choices in getting ready for a celebration. The lehenga sets the tone. It can tell so much about you. So, here is what to look for when you are selecting a lehenga for a celebration. 

  • Know about the lehenga shapes and cuts available.
  • A lehenga comes in different shapes, each meant to compliment different body figures. There are a multitude of options when you get to select your style. Here are a few of the most loved shapes and cuts in lehengas. 

  • Ghagri
  • A ghagri is a narrow skirt with a length of 6 feet, just as the original antariya. This lehenga style has been around for a long time and is still worn by many people as of today.

    Green and Orange embroidered lehenga choli with dupatta, sequined. It has a round neck, short sleeves and a flared hem. Green and Orange embellished dupatta, taping border

    $89  to rent  |

  • A-line
  • The A-line lehenga is a replica of an A-line skirt. The skirt resembles the capital letter ‘A’. The skirt is tighter at the waist and flares out at the bottom. This type best suits people with pear shaped body types.

    The Raspberry Red Designer Lehenga comes with a choli and dupatta of the same colour. The lehenga has a beautiful colour that is complemented by the cording sequence work.


                 $103 to rent |

  • Flared
  • As the name suggests, a flared lehenga has multiple flares of cloth and can be huge and heavy. They open up to be circular when on spins around. This is the type of lehenga you should opt for if you are going to a dandiya celebration which is usually filled with a lot of twirling and dancing. People with rectangular body types look best in this cut. 

     Blue Bollywood style choli with pretty sequin work and gorgeous metallic thread work.


     $103 to rent |

  • Double-flared
  • A double-flared lehenga is just double the drama one can get is a flared lehenga. It is a multi-layered skirt with extra flares and extra volume. Rectangular and apple shaped body types look best in this cut. 

    As bright as the sun, this yellow embroidered lehenga with patola print is absolutely stunning. The flowy net lehenga with thread work is perfect for any occasion.


                                                                       $231 to rent |

  • Mermaid
  • A mermaid lehenga, best known as fishtail or a trumpet lehenga, resembles the tail of a fish. It is fitted from the waist to the knees, then flares over the calves. This cut also has a dramatic touch to it. They are most certainly made for the hourglass body types.

    Xscape pink floral mermaid skirt. top not included but can be worn with many styles of tops and easy to pair.

                       $30 to rent  |

  • Panelled
  • A panelled lehenga has multiple horizontal panels of fabric stitched together, resulting in a fuller skirt. The panels can be of different sizes and colours.

    imagine yourself wearing this Yellow Georgette Lehenga with Soft Net Dupatta grasping everyone's attention. You are going to dazzle. It is the perfect outfit for bridesmaids. The outfit is perfect for reception parties, engagements, sangeet function or festivals.

                                                                            $80 to rent |

  • Sharara
  • A sharara lehenga is also known as a davani or a half saree. It is very popular in south India. A sharara consists of a skirt or palazzo pants, a blouse and a dupatta or commonly known as a shawl. The dupatta is wrapped around the waist and pinned up to the shoulder making it look like a saree drape. 

    Stunning baby pink outfit, perfect for parties, weddings and everything in between.

                                                                  $127 to rent |

  • Straight
  • A straight lehenga is the complete opposite of a flared lehenga. It has no flares or pleats. It is straight from the waist to the ankle. Sometimes it has a slit as there is a restraint in movement. This cut looks good on rectangular body types.

    Add a heavy dose of pop to your festive look with this pink maxi skirt. Features a statement all-over leaf foil print and a two-toned border to make the look all kinds of glam.

           $25 to rent |

  • Trail
  • A trail lehenga has an extra portion of fabric attached to the skirt to create a train. After all, having a following can never be bad. The train is usually heavily worked and beaded.

    Gown with a long trail to make your special day more special for Rent. One size fits all.


                                                               $200 to rent |


    An hourglass shaped body type looks the best in any type of cut. If your body aint’ an hourglass type, then you will have to search for what suits you the best.

  • Pick your fabric.
  • A lehenga’s cut can be of a wide range as mentioned above. Each of these cuts look better when they are made with their specified fabrics. Choosing the fabric for a lehenga can be based only on two things: the fit and the comfort. It can also depend on the season in which you'll be wearing your lehenga. Here are the top fabrics used to make lehengas. 

  • Silk:
  • Silk is considered to be a sacred fabric which calls for a celebration in India. Silk is available in many different varieties. It can vary from the richly woven brocades to delicate Jamawar weaves, the rough Tussar silk to the light-weight Katan silk, the silk options never run out. They can be pretty expensive as well. Organza silk is the upcoming trend in lehengas.

  • Chiffon:
  • Chiffon is also one of the most used fabrics for lehengas. They drape around perfectly and have a special shimmer to it along with some sheer. It is very lightweight and is associated with elegance and luxury. It can give you the best comfort. 

  • Georgette: 
  • Georgette is a type of crêpe fabric that is usually made from pure silk. It comes in different budgeting options where it is available for a very less cost when it is made out of synthetic fibers like rayon, viscose, and polyester. This material is so soft on the skin and very lightweight which guarantees comfort.  

  • Crepe:
  • The Crepe fabric is so smooth, chic, and flattering on hourglass body types. It is thick, which makes it suitable for the fit and flare cut of lehengas.  Crepes are very light and breathable. This fabric is also flowy and figure-enhancing.

  • Tulle:
  • Tulle is a very commonly known fabric. The tulle used in lehenga making is usually a very light fabric created from silk threads, cotton threads or threads of synthetic materials such as nylon. This fabric provides a lot of volume and poof. 

  • Choose your patterns and designs:
  • Lehengas are almost always heavily worked. They hold heavy hand works and beadings along with a lot of embroidery. They are usually very bedazzled and showstopping. But yes, they are also available in more subtle and plain skirts with not  much beading. This simply means that you get to decide whether you wanna go over the top and be grand or choose an elegant and simple style. 

  • Embroidery:
  • Embroidery is also known as thread work. It is one of the most traditional ways to embellish a lehenga and it adds an old-world elegance to it. It is upto you to go for heavy or light embroidery. You can also decide where you want the embroidery on the lehenga, that is, overall, or borders, or the blouse. You can also choose if you want a machine made work or a hand made embroidery. This can be expensive as it ends up giving a rustic, yet a flavoursome lehenga.

  • Beading:
  • Beading in lehengas can comprise the heavy stone work on the lehenga skirts and the blouse. It can also comprise the chamkis and the embroidery too. It is the intricate work done on the lehenga skirt, the blouse and the dupatta. All the bedazzled lehengas  with sequin works and blings come under this category. 

  • Plain:
  • Plain lehengas are in trend now. They might have tiny borders around the skirt and also the blouse and that’s just about it. There are no more works on the outfit. It is simple and subtle yet more elegant and neat. 

    Again, it is upto you to choose what you need. You can go full on with embellished lehenga or you can go with a more subtle and elegant lehenga. Either way, you are going to look stunning! 

  • Pick your colours:
  • Lehengas are available in multiple colours. The list goes on from a single colour lehenga, all the way to multi-coloured lehengas. There are also dual-coloured and tri-coloured lehengas that form patterns. They are usually bright colours but recently, pastel coloured lehengas are hitting the trends. Colours in a lehenga completely depend on your choice. It is best if you pick out colours that compliment your skin tones better. Also, it is very important that the colour of the lehengas goes well with its patterns and designs. In Indian weddings, the bride usually wears a red lehenga as it is considered to be a spiritual colour. The guests are usually not colour coordinated. Indian celebrations are mainly focused on colours. You get to show up in any colour you like. The entire celebration always ends up very colourful. 

  • Pick the right jewellery to go with your lehenga:
  •             This is a bonus tip! The magic does not just lie on the lehenga you choose. It also lies on the jewellery that you choose to go with. The lehengas are usually worn with heavy and huge jewellery. The jewellery adds edge to the whole outfit. It brings all of it together. Be sure you choose jewellery that matches your lehenga. Whether you choose to go with the grand embellished lehengas or the subtle and simple lehengas, make sure you wear heavy jewellery that compliments your outfit. Now that’s the missing piece you are looking for.

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    • Chinthana Venkatesh 

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